Certified Divorce Financial Analyst & Mediator
Serving Clients & Attorneys in Houston & All of Texas

Equitable Solutions helps couples who wish to have extreme privacy during their divorce process and believe that they can work out the division of their property with the assistance of a professional divorce mediator who is also a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.

Professional Divorce Mediation Services

Equitable Solutions is frequently an advisor to one of the parties in a Caucus Mediation and brings extensive experience to an Early Intervention Mediation. We also endorse and participate in Collaborative Law and Collaborative Divorce proceedings. If you are seeking alternatives even beyond these divorce processes, we will be happy to discuss them and make recommendations where appropriate.

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Services

Equitable Solutions, Inc. cuts through fears and uncertainties and focuses on delivering an equitable plan for the division of marital assets and the future income for each party. The goal is not to declare a winner, but to allow both parties to move forward with their lives.

By combining our financial planning expertise with proprietary asset modeling software, you can quickly see the financial outcomes of different settlement scenarios. The modeling will show:

  • What your assets are and how they fit (or do not fit) into each party’s financial future.
  • A realistic budget for your new life to help you and your attorney craft a division that will meet your needs.
  • What your income requirements will be to support your new lifestyle.

Other services include:

  • Preparation of your financial inventory for your attorney and assistance in understanding what it all means.
  • Analysis of your income tax returns and financial documents.

For Attorneys 

How a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Helps Divorce Attorneys & Their Clients

For Clients

How a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and Mediator Helps Clients in a Divorce

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