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The Right Support Changes Lives

Amanda struggled with addiction for most of her adult life. Starting a family was her motivation to get clean, and Amanda welcomed a beautiful daughter. When her husband died of substance-use related complications in 2019, Amanda lost her apartment and became homeless. Her daughter was able to stay with family, but Amanda was on the streets alone. In the beginning of 2021, Amanda got COVID-19, and the County of San Diego connected her with the COVID-19 Hotel Sheltering Program. She quarantined safely through the support of our staff. “They saved my life,” Amanda said. The team worked with Amanda to ensure she had temporary housing until she was able to find an apartment. She now has her own home, for the very first time. “I have been through so much in my life, but I’m now sober and so proud of how far I’ve come.”

“I was homeless at the end of 2020 during the height of a global pandemic. I didn’t have a plan, nor did I have anywhere to live. So I was living in my car for weeks. I was also having the worst health issues and was disabled during this time. So having somewhere to heal was very nice. I received a caseworker to help me with transition and resources. Once I found an apartment that accepted this program I was able to move in. A major relief for me.”

– 2021 San Diego Regional Homeless Assistance Client

“My life has changed by receiving help and alleviating a lot of stress. Stressing whether you have a safe place for you and your children to sleep at night is heartbreaking and sometimes can be so debilitating because it causes so much depression, and you feel like a failure by not being able to provide the basics for you and your family. I currently feel like my life is back on a path to success and I’m finishing my college degree.”

– 2021 San Diego CalWORKs Participant

“When I was in a violent domestic situation, I had to flee my home to maintain my safety. I received a case worker to help me transition and secure resources to get a birth certificate and social security card. Once I had those items I was able to fill out a packet to get me closer to receiving more permanent housing. My life was changed in about 6 months. This program was really heaven sent.”

– 2021 San Diego Regional Homeless Assistance Client

“I was evicted from my home which led me to be homeless. I faced many barriers applying to housing such as not having enough income, credit score and I had an eviction on my record. The Housing Navigator advocated for me. My life changed by obtaining my first home. This program helped my confidence, my independence and hope that everything will be alright.”

– San Diego CalWORKs Participant


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